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In this 'how to' we will show you how to put together some PTFE Teflon hose and fittings. For this example we are going to make a hose for a brake fluid reservoir to a master cylinder using -4 AN/JIC stainless steel braided hose and fittings. But these same methods can be used for other fittings and hose of the same type.

The tools you will need are:

  • Bench Mounted Vise.
  • Motamec Vise Jaws.
  • Motamec -4AN/JIC Alloy Spanner
  • Small tip flat head screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Either a fine tooth saw or a good sharp set of cutters
  • Some lubricant




Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure the amount of hose you want and then cut it. We have chosen to cut out hose using very sharp cutters. But if in doubt use a fine toothed saw, especially on thicker hose. As its very important to have a very clean and straight cut.



Fitting The Olive

The first image below show the fittings broken down into its parts. So take your fittings apart like shown and IMPORTANT slide the female end of the fitting over the hose with the thread facing the end. Next you need to make some room to slide the olive onto the Teflon inner. So using a small flat head screwdriver carefully work around the outside of the Teflon moving the stainless steal out to create a chamfer. Then insert the olive onto the Teflon inner. You need to carefully and evenly tap the olive into place, we tapped the hose firmly on our vise. Do this until the Teflon inner hose meets with the 'step' inside the olive.



Assembling the Fitting

Now it time to finish assembling the fitting. The first image below should give you an idea of whats next. But firstly we like to get a drop of lubricant on the fitting. Now you need to push the hose onto the fitting so the mandrel on the fitting goes inside the Teflon inner hose. Push the hose on all the way down so the olive meets the base.



Tightening the Fitting

Next you want to tighten the fitting. Its IMPORTANT to make sure that no loose strands of stainless steel braid interfere with the thread on the fitting. Getting stainless steel braid stuck in the thread will risk damaging the fitting beyond repair, especially on alloy fittings. So now to tighten up that fitting, you may need to position the fitting in the vice to secure the swivel part of the fitting (if using a swivel fitting). Progressively tighten the fitting securely using the appropriate spanner.



The Finished Hose

Now you can use the same method on different fittings of this type. For example the banjo fitting show below is assembled in the same way. With that banjo fitted our hose is complete and ready to use!



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